Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

The first weekend in October we took a trip out to Reedley to visit Hillcrest Pumpkin Patch. Mommy loves the fall and was just a little excited:) This was our second year going to this particular place and it will definitely be an annual tradition! This year Mimi and Papa joined us; we had a ton of fun!!!

This picture is particularly precious because last year Elyse sat in the bin with the "small" pumpkins. This year she stood next to the "medium" pumpkins! It is amazing how fast she has grown!
This year:

Last year: for comparisons sake :)

This might have been Elyse's favorite place at the patch! Our little country bumpkin! Or, it was at least a close second (to the trains, of course)!

Here is Elyse giving a pumpkin a hug! <3

While picking up this one she says, "heavy"!!! LOL

Gorgeous Girl!

When Elyse found her perfect pumpkin, she knew it instantly! And by her smile, we knew too! In fact, she loved the "mini pumpkins" so much that Papa bought her 4!

Picking out fall decorations (wheat and corn) for the house with Mimi!

Family pic

Waiting for the train! She loooved watching the little train go round and round!

There it is!

Riding the real train!
Elyse, Mimi, and Papa

And one more stop to drive another tractor- this time a big one!
Elyse and Daddy!

We finished our day with a yummy dinner at a little Italian restaurant in Reedley! Elyse and her mini "pum-kicks" could not be separated! More on painting and carving later!

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